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October 25, 2014 Starting at 6:00pm


2014 Day of Service

Saturday, November 1st, 9:00am

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Beginning September 10th

Carmel's Yout Ministry

Welcome to Carmel Presbyterian Church, a Family Church Focused on Being Stewards for God. Come in and see what we are doing…

Generosity is always a matter of interpretation. While this is true in the Bible, if we delve closely we can gather a common theme among scripture that tells us how it is defined.
A Generous Community Sermon Series

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God Stories

God Moments – My Delight Is In the Lord

By Jane Taylor – Since I was a small child, God has had his hand on my life. From a Sunday school teacher sending a card, which I treasured as this little chair was crying just for me and then to meet the Savior who cried for me and the whole world, to the warmth and love I received as I walked […]

Eric deNeve

God Story: An Action God

This 2014 trip was a fantastic experience where God revealed Himself to me in many powerful ways. It was as if God wanted me to discover that I need to put myself into situations that activate spiritual gifts I’ve never exercised before – that takes obedience…a flying leap of faith. From my simple perspective, it’s […]

Curt Rogers

In Memory of Curt Rogers

We are sorry to announce that one of the longtime saints of the congregation, Mr. Curt Rogers, passed into God’s eternal glory this morning. This is a sad time. One who has meant so much to so many has passed but we are thankful for God’s provision for death in Jesus Christ and for the […]

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